About Me


I am a fisherman and a photographer and a wanderer from the plains of Montana

in the USA. I started out as a fisherman but around 10 or 12 years ago my son gave me
a point and shoot Nikon camera and slowly slowly I developed more of interest
in photography. I roamed around Montana and also Wyoming back roads with my camera
and of course I kept the fishing gear handy.

In 2008 I discovered quite by accident the country of Georgia on an internet site named
Flickr.  I developed several very good friends I met on that site and they arranged my
first two trips in 2009 and 2010. It was love at first sight and I knew I was going to move
to Georgia to live. In August 2013 I realized that dream and moved full time to Tbilisi,

I have been fortunate to roam many interesting areas in Georgia and made many friends
I would never have thought I could have known. I have been able to make all sorts of
interesting photographs from the beautiful city of Tbilisi and also in the remote sections
of the Caucasus Mountains and other fascinating areas of Georgia.

Once a year I return to my home in the mountains of Montana for a visit with my 92 year
old Mother.Then I return to spend the rest of the year roaming Georgia with my camera and
even my fishing equipment. Georgia is a dynamic and beautiful little country with so many
diverse landscapes.

Come join us for a visit

Mike Bourgault
Tbilisi, Georgia