My Journey with the Sheep, the Cattle and the Shepherds



Between Europe and Asia to the Caucasus in Georgia to the mountains of Tusheti – that was where destiny brought me..For me, Tusheti begins when we reach Abano Pass. In August of 2009, I made my first trip to Tusheti and I will neverforget when we got to Abano and I could look into Tusheti for the first time. It was magic and mysterious and there I was looking into the magic and mystery. I cannot even begin express how I felt.And so it was in September of 2014. I was at the top of Abano for the start of my third cattle drive. It was cold and windyand rainy but I did not care. We were going into Tusheti and we would walk out with the sheep and the cattle and the shepherds. The weather – well it is like Montana – if you do not like it wait fifteen minutes.


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